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The World's Most Versatile Holdall - Beach, Mountains, Car, Shopping - Carry it all and open it flat.


The world's most versatile holdall

VroomBag ®

The World's most Versatile Holdall. Beach, Mountains, Car, shopping - carry it all and open it flat.


The World's Most Versatile Holdall

VroomBag ®- The Big Multipurpose Waterproof Holdall Bag that Opens Flat (Vroom bag, vroombag)


We are so excited to introduce you to VroomBag! Yes it's a Holdall bag - but not as you know it. Vroombag is a durable, multipurpose, waterproof holdall bag that opens completely flat. It opens to a 50" diameter waterproof car boot liner or outdoor sports change mat. Firstly, It's the easiest solution to a messy car. The vroom bag lays flat in the boot or floor of your car , throw everything on top of it, gather it up and carry it all out in one go, leaving nothing behind. It's the hassle free way to keep your car clean and organised, especially after sports. The VroomBag can carry just about anything. It is strong, durable and waterproof.  It's ideal for busy family cars and parents who just can't carry everything out of their cars without leaving something behind.  Vroombag is fantastic for children or adults who enjoy outdoor sports such as rugby, GAA, triathlons, mountain biking, kayaking or surfing.  Use it to carry all your gear and it can double up as a waterproof change mat too. Use it as a big waterproof beach bag or sports holdall and car boot liner in one - Shake it out and the sand or muck is gone.  There are so many ways to use a VroomBag - it is the most versatile waterproof holdall you will ever own. 

VroomBag - It opens flat to a 50inch circular car boot liner or car floor protector- no more messy car!

VroomBag - It gathers with thick drawstrings to form a big strong holdall bag- it can hold all shapes and sizes. It adapts to whatever you need to carry.

VroomBag - It can be used as waterproof change mat for after outdoor sports (mountain biking, football, rugby, surfing etc)

VroomBag - It's flat when open so you can sit on it on damp grass or sand and then use it as your big strong holdall for the journey home. 

It's strong, it's beautifully made, it's designed to make life easier,  it's all in one - It's VroomBag®     (Vroom Bag,  Vroombag)

VroomBag ®

The Word's Most Versatile Holdall

Bring it to the Beach. It's a groundmat and a holdall bag for all your beach stuff

Wait! - but Why?

Why? Because sometimes you just can't carry everything in and out of your car (think gym gear, waterbottle, laptop, kids stuff...the list goes on), but with a VroomBag you can carry it all and still have a hand free to get in your front door or hold your child's hand.

Why? Because sometimes you get fed up with the mud, muck or sand left in the boot of your car (think wellies, football boots, wet dogs...), a VroomBag will fix this. 

Why? Because maybe you or your children love outdoor sports but hate standing on the cold ground to get changed afterwards (think sea swimming, mountain biking, surfing, rugby, kids sports) with Vroombag you don't have to. Use it as a waterproof change mat and then leave your wet towel and gear on top and gather the Vroombag closed. 

If you have one or all of these problems VroomBag is for you!

Lay it flat and put your stuff on top. Gather it closed and get going.

Bring it to the beach, the mountains, the sea, to work, on a dog walk, or just to make a busy day a whole lot easier.

What will you use yours for?


The World's Most Versatile Holdall


The World's Most Versatile Holdall


The World's Most Versatile Holdall


The World's Most Versatile Holdall
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About Us

Who is VroomBag?

We are a small Irish company with a simple mission - to make outdoor sports and busy family a lot easier!

Whether you are a mountain biker, surfer or busy parent we believe that getting in and out of your car should be easy and clean. One bag for all your gear. Simple.

We are active parents ourselves with sporty children who always packing up the car for various muddy and messy sports activities.  We designed the Vroombag to make that transition from home to car and car to home easier and cleaner. The Vroombag protects our car from mud and mess and gives us a waterproof mat to change out of football boots, wetsuits and mountain biking gear (not all in one go!). 

Lay the VroomBag flat throw your stuff on top... gather it together and get going. We use it. We love it. It works. 

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Vroombag® the world's most versatile holdall bag that opens flat. What will you use your Vroom Bag for? 

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