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VroomBag ®- The Extra Large Multipurpose Waterproof Bag that Opens Flat.

Thank you for visiting us here at VroomBag. We know you will love our product because it is made with care and attention by people who are obsessed with great quality, simple design and all things multipurpose! Just to say hello, here is a code for a 10% discount on your first order (yes, you might just love it so much you will want a second one). Add promo code hello10 at checkout. Feel free to get in contact with us at info@vroombag.com. We'd love to hear from you!


The Huge multipurpose Bag that opens flat- Beach, Mountains, Car, Shopping - Carry it all and open it flat.


It's a sports change mat and bag all in one


It's perfect for busy family life

We hope your new VroomBag® makes life easier for you. Use it for family life AND for sporting activities - VroomBag® is designed for both.

VroomBag is made from the highest quality Encryption Nylon and is double lined and double stitched. It has a waterproof PVC coating on the exterior so it can be used rain, hail or shine. It is the only multipurpose utility bag designed for every family and for all outdoor sports. It can be used to carry just about anything -ALL sports equipment, beach items, toys, sailing gear, odd-shaped camping items and even all the everyday things you gather in your car on a school run. It extends out completely flat to a large 50inch circle and pulls up and around whatever you need to carry. You will be amazed at how much it can carry. It can even line a shopping trolley and and be used as a huge grocery shopping bag. You will find so many ways to use your VroomBag. 

VroomBag® for Families

VroomBag helps you pack up the car and leave the house FASTER. Lay it out flat, put everything on top and swoop it all up and out of the house in one go. It keeps the car clean by unloading the car COMPLETELY after school runs or family days. Use it to store lego and as a lego play-mat or to to carry toys to grandparents' house or to the childminders. Use your VroomBag on beach days or camping trips for carrying EVERYTHING and then use it as a waterproof beach-mat when open flat. Follow us on Instagram for more ways to use your new VroomBag. You won't know what you ever did without it. 

VroomBag® for Sports

VroomBag ®

The Word's Most Versatile Holdall

Bring it to the Beach. It's a groundmat and a holdall bag for all your beach stuff

How our customers are using their VroomBags - Feedback from our recent survey...

1. As a car boot liner and bag in one - to gather everything out of the car in one go and to keep the car clean.

2. To carry everything from the house and in to the car in ONE GO. Helps our customers to get out of the house faster (for sports or for family days) 

3. A sports bag that holds absolutely everything - our customers love the way it opens up so they can access all their gear easily.

4. Very popular with Mountain Bikers as a car side changing mat and bag all in one for muddy gear. (Recent endorsement by Enduro World Series Mountain Biker Greg Callaghan has helped!)

5. Everyone's second favourite use of it is as a huge super strong grocery bag! Everyone loves how it lines a shopping trolley nicely. 

6. Parents love it for packing up their kids for the day. Not the kids themselves (just to be clear) but toys, clothes and random paraphernalia for wherever they are going. 

7. Other surprising uses were - as a car protector mat for dogs in the car, for gathering fire wood, for lego storage and play mat, a gardening bag and kneeling mat, for carrying bricks in (??!), and an an ice beer cooler bag (again ??!)! 

THERE IS ONLY ONE BAG that opens flat and is strong and big enough to do all of this and so much more. Get yourself a beautifully made VroomBag®

What will you use your VroomBag for?

Big Bag that opens flat

 Get your VroomBag today. It will be on your doorstep before you know it, all packaged nicely and ready to make life easier


Pretty much use it for everything now... Also found an additional use which it probably wasn't designed for. You know when you have those random big pieces of grocery that wont go into your bag, (cereal box/6 pack of water etc) and just roll around your boot, vroom bag really handy for bringing it all in.

Brought it to Brittas last week, perfect, wetsuits, buckets, suncream.. lash it all in.

Dave T, Dublin Ireland (From Reviews)

What an amazing product. It's the bag that keeps giving. Such a great utility item, one solution for several problems. Love it!!

Damien Duggan on May 22nd from Facebook Reviews

The Vroombag is brilliant

The Vroombag is brilliant; well designed and made, robust and suits my “grab everything and go” approach to parenting. Highly recommended.

Alex Bacik (From Trustpilot Review)

Love my VroomBag

Loving my new VroomBag & excited for all the ways I’m going to get to use it. At the minute it’s very much getting me from the house to the car in an organized way & eliminating so many unnecessary trips.

Looking forward to bringing it to the camp site over summer & my triathlon husband has his eye on it too. 

Thank you VroomBag. Love it!

Helena Murray on May 24, 2018

I use my VroomBag for camping trips and I'm not actually sure what I ever did without it!! It can seriously carry anything. unbelievably strong and durable. I throw all the extra bits and pieces on it that won't fit in any other bag and no matter what I put in it, it closes! Highly recommend this product

Vanessa McGuire on June 24 2018

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