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About us

VroomBag®- We are from Dublin :-)  


We designed VroomBag for our family mountain bike days! We wanted something that could help us get out of our muddy shoes and gear and back in to the car fast. We couldn't find anything that was big enough to be multifunctional and practical so we designed the VroomBag. We wanted something really strong that could be used, not just for sports days, but for other things too. I wanted a bag that could open out to line the car boot so I could swoop everything out in one go and keep the car organised. In our house the VroomBags are not just used for mountain biking but for so many other things too...  beach trips, shopping in Lidl (amazing for carrying everything), toy carrying,  lego storage, car organisation..they are officially the most useful things now in our home and car. 

I'd love to know what you will use your VroomBag for! Keep in touch!


Dublin, Ireland

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