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About us

VroomBag®- We are from Dublin :-)  

I'm Sinéad, the designer of VroomBag. I am originally an Occupational Therapist and for those of you who know anything about OTs you will know that we are a very practical and resourceful group of professionals! We are trained to look for solutions to problems. We work with people with disabilities and find products and inventions to help overcome the difficulties that they face in everyday life.  I am also a parent of two busy, active children.  

As parents we all know how much STUFF comes with kids. Bags, sports gear, art work, coats, scarves, toys.. the list goes on. I have always felt like a bit of a "work horse" in that short journey to and from the car. Laden down with STUFF.. getting to the front door, struggling to carry everything and get the key in the front door, bags, coats, everything hanging off me. THERE HAD TO BE A SOLUTION! So I searched everywhere for a bag that would lay flat and I could throw all the stuff on top and just gather it all up in one go. I couldn't find anything . So I designed it myself and the VroomBag was born!

When the prototype finally arrived, I absolutely LOVED it.. but so did my husband Gav. He's a mountain biker and comes down off the mountains covered in mud and dirt. He immediately saw the application of the Vroombag to outdoor sports. He started using the prototype as a change mat so that he didn't have to stand on the wet ground when changing out of his mountain biking gear at the boot of his car. He leaves his muddy clothes in it and gathers it all up in the bag. He loves the VroomBag and so do his mountain biking buddies who all want one when they arrive! 

Since then, we have used the Vroom Bag for everything.. beach trips, shopping in Lidl (amazing for carrying everything), snow days, dog walks. It is officially the most useful thing now in our home and car. 

I'd love to know what you will use your VroomBag for! Keep in touch!


Dublin, Ireland

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